Celebrate Caregivers!

Each month, we highlight a special caregiver.

Caregivers are nurses, resident assistants, lay people, housekeepers, doctors, hospitality staff and pets.  We hope you enjoy our special feature.  These individuals (and animals) deserve the spotlight!


"I've developed so many special bonds over the years.  I just love to help however I can.”

~ Monica Ware ~ Reception / Administration


Chances are, if you have been in contact with St. Anne's Mead over the past 20-years, you have met Monica Ware! With her spirited, welcoming personality, Monica has worked in administration / reception since the beginning of the 21st Century!
"I've seen St. Anne's Mead change and grow. I've encountered so many residents and family members I will never forget," said Monica. "I love greeting them and helping them with whatever I can. We have so many special bonds."

The Bonds That Tie Us

With strong family bonds of her own, Monica noted that she was being interviewed for this story on her grandmother's birthday. "Geneva raised seven kids and I visited her frequently in Cross Village, Michigan. She was a country woman, very disciplined, a wonderful cook who shared recipes until she passed at 96."
Monica found herself looking after her own parents in recent years. Her father, Winston, retired from GM, passed in February 2020. "He was on dialysis and more recently was diagnosed with dementia. But he was a strong man who understood the value of hard work and family. He loved his dog, Pepper, who was his real caregiver," Monica jokes.
Within a few months of her father passing, Monica lost her mother, Dorothy to cancer. "2020 was a year none of us will forget, but to lose both parents during the year of the pandemic was especially hard," she says. "She was my best friend and a great mom to me and my sisters, Winona and Lesa."

A Doting Aunt

Now that things are opening around us, Monica is having fun being a doting aunt to three nieces and three nephews. "I love to take them on walks at Cranbrook. And we will probably be heading to Belle Isle this summer, that was my parents' favorite place in Detroit."