We are Celebrating Caregivers

Last year, we began highlighting the many caregivers who make St. Anne's Mead (SAM) strong.  Everyone at SAM is a caregiver, either directly or indirectly.  In 2022, we are putting the spotlight on members of our Board of Trustees.  Trustees are volunteers who lead SAM, ensure oversight, and provide support for the mission.

Meet the President & Vice President of St. Anne's Mead


Terry Lynch, President
Patti Fraley, Vice President

"Society should consider assisted living as a right every senior is entitled to, and it should include care for physical needs, mental health and emotional well-being."

~ Terry Lynch, President

St. Anne's Mead Board of Trustees

"I look forward to St. Anne's Mead coming out of this pandemic and growing into the future, and that our reputation for great care will continue on."

~ Rev. Deacon Patti Fraley, Vice President

St. Anne's Mead Board of Trustees

Jerrold "Jerry" Rubin, Treasurer
Jerrold "Jerry" Rubin, Treasurer

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