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Family member enjoys conversation outdoors with assisted living resident in wheelchair.
Assisted living resident and family member enjoy the moment outside.


Words of gratitude for our St. Anne's Mead assisted living facility:

Congratulations! Wonderful! Fun! Fabulous in every way! These are all words that come to mind when I think of the Family Fun Day last weekend. You should feel very proud of your team and especially Chris. He ran the picture booth with so much enthusiasm and even had my family involved. Gail and Liz put in so many hours on the project and it was evident.

The food was terrific and I can't describe how please and satisfied we were. We all enjoyed the music very much. In short, all ages had a wonderful time with the various activities that were organized. We're looking forward to a great event in 2014!!!

— Abe S. and family

Over the past few years, I have had four experiences with various care facilities. St. Anne's has been without a doubt the most positive, caring and loving experience I have had. It can be difficult to have a feeling of family when so many staff and residents are involved, yet that is the feeling at St. Anne's.

The staff is very capable and extremely caring, meeting each individual's need with love. Because of care conferences, family support groups, telephone calls from staff, church services, special parties and activities, this family circle has extended to include me. As my dad frequently says, and I truly agree, “This is a very good place to be!”

— Rae Vieregge, daughter of resident Raymond Marshall

I have three relatives who have been residents at St. Anne's Mead. Two who are still living at the Mead. The Mead has a charming and intimate feeling, which is warmly homelike.

My relatives receive excellent care on both the assisted living and nursing wings of the facility. The staff members are very professional. They offer assistance with the physical needs, while also having sensitivity to the emotional needs of the residents. The staff enables the residents to feel safe and secure at a time in their lives when they are experiencing many losses (home, health, friends, etc.).

My mother has grown very attached to many workers at the Mead. The staff promotes friendliness and an active lifestyle for the residents. Hooray and thank you to all the staff for making my mother's and my aunt's days more bearable, fun and filled with activities. My mother would not have this busy life anywhere else. She and I have both developed friendships with many of the staffers at the Mead.

I deeply appreciate your hard work and all of your efforts to make my relatives' older years comfortable and pleasant. Thank you again!

— Kathleen Postema, daughter of resident Katherine Wardle and niece of resident Ruby Walker

I would like every employee there to know just how much of a difference their friendliness, caring and compassion makes in the lives of the people who live there. They should be proud of the work they do and the place they work.

— Kathy Hampton, daughter of resident Bertha Dunnigan

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