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Caregiver talks with resident Tiger fan.
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The Story Behind Life Enrichment

"Buddies Forever"

Unique Dementia Care

Memory impairment is a tough subject. No one likes to talk about it, but it's a real part of life. St. Anne's Mead knows we need to discuss dementia and other cognitive impairments and we need a program to make the most of the functioning brain.

That's why our staff went through in-depth training to create our Life Enrichment Program. We're committed to providing the very best senior care available, and the Life Enrichment Program is the best opportunity for residents with all levels of memory impairment to experience genuine moments of pleasure, purpose and peace.

St. Anne's Mead's Life Enrichment program was featured in a wonderful article that appeared in the March 26, 2009, edition of the Southfield Eccentric Newspaper in the “Strictly Southfield Business” section of the paper. To view the full-color article (pdf) and related photo, please click here: St. Anne's Mead Featured in Southfield Eccentric (pdf, 1.4b) (left-click to view; to download, right-click and choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”).

The friendship lounge

Part of the Life Enrichment Program, the Friendship Lounge is a collection of activities that are engaging for seniors with dementia. Working individually or in small groups, our community members use authentic props to work their hands and stimulate their minds.

The task can be as simple as rolling ribbon spools or folding towels, or as intricate as arranging flowers. The staff acts as “butterflies”, encouraging and queuing activities then stepping away to allow the residents to work on their projects with little interruption.

Therapeutic small groups

We help our residents hold on to precious memories and life experiences through Therapeutic Small Groups, using themes, such as the beach, to get group members talking, laughing and reminiscing. Authentic props, along with related sounds and smells (the sound of waves crashing, the smell of tanning oil), enhance the experience.

Soft sensory care

Using a combination of aroma therapy, soothing music and gentle touch, Soft Sensory Therapy uses tender massage of the face, hands, arms and shoulders, along with quiet conversation, to increase alertness or decrease agitation of residents with advanced dementia. This loving experience prompts positive responses and a sense of calmness from the recipient.

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